SmartPlug will work with any equipment with a standard VGA monitor outlet or inlet. Laptop Computers, Stationary PC-s, Monitors, Flat-TVs, Video Projectors and more can be protected from theft in less than 1 minute! We also recommend our supplementary External Loops (p. 9), to safeguard valuable equipment in a very cost-efficient way.

XSP-400 SmartPlug Anti-theft VGA-adapter


SmartPlug is a VGA adapter that fits your monitor outlet with an integrated more than near 100 dB theft alarm.

The theft alarm is built into a VGA adapter, which physically locks itself into the monitor outlet of a Laptop, and opens by password only. SmartPlug is installed in less than a minute, and the alarm emits upon any unathorized movement of the Laptop or manipulation of the SmartPlug.

SmartPlug also features a mini-USB inlet for the External Loop, which protects any peripheral equipment or PC’s internal components. All functions are regulated with a keypad located on the SmartPlug.

XRP-400 SmartPlug Anti-theft VGA-adapter


Same as XSP-400, but with built in RF-tranciever for 2-way communication with the Xpres SmartCentral products.

This enables alarm forwarding to any existing alarm or access control systems on the market today. The alarm can also be forwarded by SMS as a text message to your optional mobile phone number.



XSP-400 XRP-400
Current rating/ 5VDC/300mAh 5VDC/300mAh
Connectors D-SUB 15-pin, VGA (M F) D-SUB 15-pin, VGA (M F)
Alarm output 1 100 dB (A) 100 dB (A)
Alarm output 2 N/A N/A
Keypad 0 – 5 and (enter ) 0 – 5 and (enter )
Battery 3.6 VDC, Li-lon 3.6 VDC, Li-lon
Charge time 48 hrs 48 hrs
Alarm input Connection loops and
Connection loops and
Security >700 N lock force >700 N lock force
Compatibility External Loops External Loops