Install in areas with SmartPlug and /or SafetyCable with wireless alarm forwarding. The alarm is automatically forwarded to your existing alarmsystem and / or SMS.

XSC-500 SmartCentral Wireless Router to Alarm- or Access Control- Systems 

SmartCentralXSC-500 SmartCentral is a wireless alarm router that continously maintains a 2-way ”handshake” RF communication with each SmartPlug or SafetyCable in the area it is located. When it receives an alarm signal from a Xpres product it forwards this to any commercial alarm- or access control system.

The output of the XSC-500 SmartCentral is a normally closed circuit that opens upon alarm. The router has option for user defined resistors at its alarm output. This enables a user to obtain an even higher level of security when connecting Xpres products to a professional alarm or access control system. You may employ one unit of SmartCentral only to cover as many as 100 SmartPlugs and/or SafetyCables.

Alarm system integration

The SmartCentral products may be integrated in any commercial alarm- or access control system, to add the function of alerting the security personnel. The SmartCentral is also available with option for SMS-message forwarding from SmartPlug or SafetyCable to a mobile phone number of your choice

XGS-500 SmartCentral GSM Alarm Central

Smart central gsmSame as XSC-500, but features a GSM-module that forwards any alarm by SMS-message to a mobile phone number of your choice. The XGS-500 SmartCentral is a stand-alone alarm central that is all you need for wireless surveillance of SmartPlug or SafetyCable.




XSC-500  XGS-500
Current rating 5VDC/300mAh 5VDC/300mAh
Connectors 2 pin 2 pin
Alarm output 1 Normally closed/ Optional resistance Normally closed/ Optional resistance
Alarm output 2 N/A SMS to Optional number
Keypad 2 Keys + LED 2 Keys + LED
Battery 3,6 VDC, Li-lon 3.6 VDC, Li-lon
Charge time 48 hrs 48 hrs
Alarm input 2-way (868 MHz) RFID/ 2-way (868 MHz) RFID/
2-way (868 MHz) RFID/ 2-way (868 MHz) RFID/
Security Tamper switch Tamper switch
Compatibility SmartPlug/SafetyCable SmartPlug/SafetyCable