Product overview

Here is an overview of our products. You can also download our Product Catalogue here.

Xpres SmartPlug
Install it on your Laptop, PC, Flat screen TV or Video Projector. High level of security and userfriendliness
Xpres SafetyCable
Install it on your Stationary Computer, Video Projector or Flat-TV. High level of security and user-friendliness
Xpres SmartCentral
Install in areas with SmartPlug and/or SafetyCable with wireless alarm forwarding. The alarm is automatically forwarded to your existing alarmsystem and/ or SMS
Install these between SmartPlug or SafetyCable and any peripheral equipment, to safeguard one extra device from theft
1_xsp-400_smartplug xcb_w_text 5_smartcentral_ XEU-150-USB-Loop
XSP-400 SmartPlug  XCB-300 SafetyCable XSC-500 SmartCentral XEU-150 USB Loop
XEM-150 Mini-USB Loop
XER-150 RS232 Loop
2_xsr-400_smartplug xcr300_w_text XGS500-SmartCentral 8_xeg150_external_loop_big
XRP-400 SmartPlug  XRC-300 SafetyCable XGS-500 SmartCentral XEV-150 VGA Loop
XED-150 DVI Loop
XES-150 SCART Loop
XEG-150 Universal Loop


All companies must ensure that sensitive information about customers, operations and employees is not compromised. When ICT equipment is stolen, the equipment costs much in itself, but production stop and/ or information loss cost a lot more, as well as possible lawsuits in the aftermath. This is the main reason why physical security of ICT installations and other expensive equipment, is the first and most fundamental step in a sensible security strategy.

Xpres line of award-winning products provide safety from from hardware theft on premises where even a good access control is not sufficient to stop the thieves. All our products feature «Plug & Protect» installation, require no regular check-ups, and have such a high level of security that they stop theft even during burglaries. Xpres offers solutions for all kinds of electronic equipment.